Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, June 16, 2011

*Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya...*

*'re only a daaaaay aaaawaaaaaay!* singing with serious gusto, if you were a fly on this wall you would see children clapping, cheering, and jumping up and down, much like the directors of Spider Man the musical when their flying scenes didn't end in the near death of the lead actor. ("Finally!") Chris Tierny is perhaps one of the bravest, albeit stupidest, men alive. To return to a production that almost took your life... and put your life in the hands of the same morons that almost killed you? Death wish. Really.

Sidetracking a bit, here. The real intention of this particular blog is to detail in part why I haven't been online lately. Or actually, most at all. The culprit accused of my temporary kidnapping? A Kindle book app on my Iphone. I've read many, many books. I can't stop. Seriously, someone take this thing from my hands... I think I'm developing a tumor...


I have a funny story for those of you that keep up with my MS. This morning I got my husband his clothes together because he was running late, and went to the restroom. I was trying to keep a conversation going with him when I had to stop and ask him if I peed. I kid you not. I didn't remember, and I couldn't tell. He remembered, though-and quickly quipped "yup!". Okay. Fast forward to me putting my clothes on for the day and waking my kids up. Five minutes, tops. I suddenly am hit with the urge to "go". He walks in to put his boots on and stops dead in his tracks; "Are you trying to pee AGAIN?!".

Yes, I actually answered him. But then I started laughing. If anything, that woke me up for the day!

My morning so far:

Arie read me "Mat" from the Bob books line without ever being prompted. I seriously cried. (She's only seen me read it once or twice, so I was very impressed.) By the way, she's three. 3, tres, trois, three. She's a baby, still!

She then showed me that she knows how to draw hands. Amazingly, actually. I thought Jackson had done it. (He's almost 8). I bet she wished he had, because she drew these life size people with big hands on the back of the bathroom door...

Caleb put on his dad's deodorant. Hahahaha. Lifted up his arms, rolled it on, and then pulled his shirt back down. Hahahaha! I'm so impressed.

Caleb also figured out how to open doors. Crap.

My husband asked me if the maid came a day early. No.......where is this going...... wow, the house has been so clean! Well my goodness, we have different ideas of clean, that's for sure.... plus, I actually have been doing a little better energy wise. My secret? A TON of B12, as in injections plus 5-6 pills a day... and that blue juice by Naked. (Fiber + B12, plus no GMO, and vegan!)

I'm planning my trips to the Whole Food store. Woot me. Also, Target, and CVS. I figured out how to spend 32.55 and get 22 back... or spend 40.55 and get 27 back. Could probably do it the way the other ladies do and do multiple transactions to get it for half that... but hey. 1) I call that the drugstore scam and it's too fishy for me and 2) I'd feel a little like I was doing something illeagal. Soooooo, no. (Oh and 3) I never buy things I don't need because I HATE spending money when I can use it somewhere else. Like on a new book. Or gas.)

I seriously need to put some research into how much money these companies lose by doing this, or if there is something amiss in all of this free money that has become a game for so many...

Now, we are off to make a craft. Rainbow fish! Fish with stripes that are 3d! :) Caleb loves craft time, he has a box of crayons we made on Monday that he still shows to Woody like Woody hasn't seen it already! <3 my children! So very excited we get Cheyenne and Jackson early this weekend for Father's Day! Will be a very fun time! I foresee the Houston aquarium....