Shabby Miss Jenn

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I do, I don't do "I do".

No, we aren't talking about my particular issue with marriage and how difficult a time my current hubby had convincing me to take that plunge. Haha, we are talking about my sister's! I wish her the best of luck, she really is marrying a genuinely good guy. I was lucky enough to be present for the proposal, and I was crying almost as much as she was!

Still am, actually. Why? Because I weigh all of 185 and need to make it down to 160 before her impending nuptials this coming summer. Spring? Fall...? She hasn't decided. (That's right, SHE. Because she has been dying to plan a wedding since she was born!)

The problem with losing weight as a person with M.S. lies mostly with the nasty symptom of fatigue. Do you know how exhausting it is to try to walk just one mile? I feel like I'm pulling a semi truck behind me. But, I actually don't eat very much, and my food diary would prove that! I ingest maybe 1200 calories a day. (yes, I admit it-mostly carbs...) I need exercise.

So what's a girl with M.S. and the evil sleepy fog monster to do? Kinect? No. Bought 3 workout "games" and brought it home, got out the yoga mat, went to town...... and wound up in a cussing argument with an inanimate object. How is it after 30 minutes of doing the workout sofreakingincorrectlythetvkeepsyellingatyoutogetstarted perfectly, and you're sweating and breathing somewhat heavier, you've only lost 40 calories? Boo! Waste of money! (Not to mention a very bad idea for someone that swears when angry. And gets angry because it's not a person, a child, or a cute fuzzy animal...)  

I don't know. I found a neat article for beginning runners, just 20 minutesX5 times weekly. Sounds easy enough. As much as I hate the heat of the outdoors, maybe I can convince the hubby to join me?  Or maybe get a jogging stroller? Hmm. Hmmmmmm. I would love to run and not die. Really. Maybe following this training would help?

For now, I will be resorting to crash jumping jacks in my bathroom. The small scale earthquake you just experienced was just me... no need to call the local news station!