Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Living in a nightmare!

Today I had what I thought was perhaps the best day of my adult, mommy-filled life. I thought. Then I reflected a little too much.

Here is my summed up thought: I am not ignorant, I do my freaking research before I form opinions. You should too.

-Pissed in Texas

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lifehouse - Broken

I'm hangin' on another day
Just to see what you throw my way
And I'm hanging on to the words you say
You said that I will be OK

The broken lights on the freeway
left me here aloneI may have lost my way now,
haven't forgotten my way home.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Times are changin'

{ I'm making my own detergents and household cleaners. I would like to build a compost bin-using a cheap garbage can from Lowe's, a few strategically placed holes, and a flat, recycled from my husband's job site. I have also figured out how to build a garden that I don't have to bend over to tend, using the same flats. Using the same concept as the compost bin, I also now know how to build a rain barrel... and I would love to have a hen house. It would be neat to raise a pig, too. I want a house with some acreage in the mountains somewhere, a creek running in the back ground... I'd love a self-built dehydrator for meats, too. }

What is wrong with this picture? My husband thinks I am an idiot. I've stopped buying processed foods, (bye bye Hamburger Helper!) including processed sugar products. I threw away coffees, cake mixes, and a lot of canned goods. I won't buy anything that has "soy" on the label, because most soy products (EVEN organic!) are GENETICALLY MODIFIED and very bad for you; and I even threw away a few tons of flour. (wheat has been ge'ed to the point of most types going extinct or dying out!) I am turning into a granola. Probably one of the fattest ever to walk on this planet, but a granola... :) I am very proud of it, too.

When I walk into the health food store I feel like I've found "my people". I haven't felt more at home since I lived in Missoula, Montana, with the rest of the dread locked, tree hugging crowd. (No, I'm not a tree hugger.) I'll tell you what, I've lived with hippies/granolas for most of my adult life and yet, still feel like I am getting thrown under a bus by all of this information. I wish I'd have been mature enough to step back and ascertain the conditions of my food before, so that it wouldn't be such a shock to the people I love, but I can't go back and make that change. Even if I could, I don't know that I would, because there would be a solid chance that I would not be married to my husband today. (Solid as in HELL no! Are you kidding?! He thinks I'm crazy now, there is no way he would have done anything other than make fun of me!)

Changes aren't to be feared! I still eat out when he goes to eat out, I just order something "generally" okay. I still eat chocolate. (And lots of it, *grin!*) It's just fair trade/organic! I recently discovered Blue Sky sodas, and am trying to introduce them to him... and I still bake. A. Lot. Just with organic local flours, organic cane sugars, and cage free eggs from safe chickens. I have not compromised on the things I love, I just am trying to take better care of myself, my family, and the world God has placed me in. <<This particular sentence is a different topic altogether, but something we are all charged to do, and to be completely honest with you, I am sick and tired of this masculine assumption of power that has overtaken the scriptures, God's love, and the way we have conceived a woman's role to be in this world. Okay, I'll get to that later. For now, I'm going to go sip some free trade coffee with a dab of Dagoba chocolate, eat a sandwich made on my own white bread, and some grapes. It's not hard, it's just something you have to CHALLENGE yourself to do!