Shabby Miss Jenn

About Me

My name is Jessica, I'm a book nerd, closet gamer, would be gardener if I didn't have a black thumb, madly in love with Christ, sometimes my kids drive me nuts, enjoys an occasional sangria, makes songs up, talks to herself frequently, and walk into walls on occasion kind of woman. I listen to my music loud, I've blown speakers out on my computer and in my car. I love history, and I love to be romanced, so my literature selection of choice is generally a historical romance. I create, create, create. I'm a very inspired person, and I love to paint, write, teach, and I redo furniture for my house.

If {woman} even applies to me; do we ever really grow up?

I have four children (2 are step, but they call me mommy!). A husband that might as well be the fifth (& 6th!). And I don't work, or I do but I don't because I get tired quickly. My heart is huge, I give money to everyone I see on a corner, I talk to strangers everywhere I go, I hold doors open for people, and I've hugged people that I never introduced myself to. I have also cried with people that were in pain, and prayed for them even while they were still strangers. Because we are all humans and deserving of compassion.

I've been given this life, a life of multiple sclerosis, heat intolerance in Texas, and chasing four children under 9 while trying not to crash into walls. God is holding onto me tightly! I am a survivor of a tumor that wrapped itself around my throat, and I battle two diseases. One claimed my fertility, but I have two beautiful children. One claimed my mind, yet, here I sit; telling you in as many words just how beautiful this world of mine is, and that this disease will not claim me as it's victim.

My Kids