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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What the H was I thinking?

Yesterday was the ultimate day of sorrows and pain for me. Basically, I blinked, I fell. It was a good day for dumping some Zatarains in the crockpot with deer sausage. No work for me, or I'd burn myself... much like I did Tuesday. Oven: 1,007 Me: 1 (I flung myself backward and luckily slid on some water/milk/juice that had just been spilt.) Go me!

So what did I do today? I tried. Hard. When I should have taken a nap. And now, I'm not sleeping... and it's almost one. I got a lot done today, at least in the mom realm. My house and chores have suffered since Tuesday, I've been so sick and tired. My Lifelines newsletter suggested I only do what is important to me, otherwise I'm wasting energy. Very true, when you're hunched over puking because the exhaustion is so difficult to manage-you're doing something wrong.

So. My kids. Teaching. My. Kids. This is so much more important to me than anything. They are my reason for being in this season of life, and they deserve every ounce of energy I have to give. I sit, generally at the dining table, while they do crafts/color/read/or play phonics games with me. One of today's projects was stamping!

We've been working on developing "centers" similar to the younger school classes, it's in the works still, but this is what we've got so far: (We also have a lot of fake grocery style food, a dress up center, and a science center... in big bags with handles in the closet right across from this!) The pillows are for lounging and reading-Caleb's favorite thing to do! We have tanagrams, lapbooks, pocketbooks, pocket games, counting bears, bells, a scale, lots of games, a ton of craft supplies, tons of books, and of course-frames to display our artwork! (Missing one frame, I believe due to Arie's temper tantrum and slamming her door....)

I bought a 12 dollar puppet to entertain them! I should post a poll, is it a seahorse or a dragon? To me, it looks like a blue dragon. However, if you push his mouth hard enough he makes bubble noises... too bad it had no tag because it was on clearance! His name? Jared. And he dances, waving his fins/wings/whatever around! What do you think?

I've actually gotten alot of my crafting projects completed, mostly because I'm sitting! I even cheated and used that hem tape to make a table cloth that I've been postponing making for over a year now... standing over my dryer to keep laundry going without exherting that walking back and forth energy! I'm getting creative, and my house is showing it! (Minus the floors that STILL haven't been mopped, haha!) And, I took some eggs I bought LAST year to do this: (Hint: upcoming holiday)

I'm slowly getting things moved around for the kids, and slowly isn't the right word. It's like when you're downloading a huge file and it seems to stay in the same place for days, but suddenly jumps up 15 %.

I walked away for two minutes today to "catch" myself, and when I came back in the living room Arie had dumped Cheerios everywhere. And pulled all the cushions off of the couches. And I cried. On the floor of that living room. Arie was so upset that I was crying... but no, she did not learn and the day progressed badly. She's stubborn. As a male mule wearing a bonnet at a pony show when someone tries to ride him. I.E.: She's worse than an unbroken bronco. Here's hoping that tomorrow is better. I'm off to get my, oh, say-six or seven-hours of sleep. And prayer time.

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