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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Homeschooling Preschool

We're in a preschool rut in this house. Okay, we're not in a preschool rut, because I'm actually doing a pretty good job of finding and following a lesson plan. A fairly low key one, that isn't anywhere up to par with some of these other mothers that bring out the green eyed monster in me, but that's a whooooole other story and God has given me a beautiful, rainy day, that I'm going to enjoy. So, I'm not going to be spending one moment of it wallowing in jealousy. Nope, not one. *pulls it off her back and stomps it back in the garbage can where it belongs* 

I'm incredibly grateful, actually, that one particular mother, felt to put her preschool curriculum available on the internet.( She has the same belief system I do, incorporates it into her teaching, and makes it all incredibly simple to teach. (Well, once I locate it all, incredibly simple.) It's been a lifesaver for me, since I had to pull her out of her preschool. Because she is just too smart to not take the time to nurture that brain.

I was very excited to print off the sight word for the first week:

because she already knew it! We've been practicing reading from this book, "Learn to Read in 10 Minutes a Day in 100 Days" and well, we haven't been exactly daily about it, but she does know her letters s/m/a/t/e already, and a lot of the words and sound combinations from there. And, we've already been doing line practicing from Hooked on Phonics, because it's a wipe-off book. So Ll, the first letter, is easy-peasy. Hopefully. If she decides not to be precocious. Which will be asking a bit much, because she is my daughter.

And well, Caleb sure loves it. He really got into singing "This Little Light of Mine" yesterday, while waving the little cardstock candle popsicle stick print off yesterday, he was dancing and laughing! We had to do it on repeat a few times. I'm going to need to make a trip to town when Woody gets paid, though, we're running low on crafting stupplies... like popsicle sticks... and I think daddy needs to make us some shelves. We don't have room for all of this stuff to be piled up on mommy's crafting desk anymore. It's driving her nuts to look at.

Side note: Spring Break is next week, and I'll have all of the kids. I need all of the ideas I can find on what to do with the kids, I'm breaking out all of my blueberries to make pancakes for freezing, can do those between sitting on the couch at least, thats an easy task, and quick food to grab, but I need projects and busy ideas for my busy kiddos!

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