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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Bucket List

Well, here I am! I finally got to see my favorite group in person, and I really enjoyed singing along with every single song. I know it drove my husband nuts, but I did-I sang the whole time. Hey, I needed to stay awake!

They sang Washed in the Blood, and redid a Boston song in their set. I loved it. They seemed just as tired as I did, which made it that much more inspiring- they still got out and did it. So I didn't doze. But I laid my head on Woody's shoulder once or twice, and I sure had to hang on tightly to his hand all the way to the car! (And I did trip, alot.... but passed out as soon as we got to the hotel.)

The next day was nice, too. Well, sort of. We had to wait around for the Houston office to issue paychecks, so I tried to sleep in the car. When I woke up-we were at Bass Pro Shops in Katy. A man's playground, really... what is a slide to a 7 year old has just grown a few thousand square feet. I sat on a chair and realized I was really having a rough time, maybe it was the lack of sleep, maybe it was the headache medicine, but I couldn't think clearly. It scared me. I talked like a drunk, slurring and stumbling over my words. It was fairly embarrassing, but he was giggling the whole time. And he held my hand.

We wound up at Ann Taylor Loft Outlet, where to my surprise I find I've lost so much weight the xl doesn't fit me. And Woody bought me a beautiful cranberry dress in a size 14. (On the clearance rack, of course!) I didn't buy anything else because I was in such shock in the dressing room, looking at the bags hanging off of me.... but I was very excited to see the 14 dress fit me with room! I guess I'm on my way back down....and Woody is fine with that, so long as I still keep my tuckus. So. Tuckus, you must remain!

I loved what he said as we were leaving, me still in shock, a daze still from not thinking so clearly, and just overall-drunk. (I really felt drunk. And I haven't had anything to drink in a VERY long time!) "It must be the medicine I'm on for the headaches causing me to lose weight." and my awesome, fantastic husband says: "No, it's all you. YOU'VE changed how you are eating and living. So YOU'VE lost the weight." Yes, I guess you're right.

We stopped at his next favorite playground-the bookstore, and I sat down. He found me a Beverly Lewis book on the clearance racks, and no matter how much I think he doesn't pay attention to me, he really must pay some attention, because he knew what I would like. Something that is shocking, and incredibly sweet at the same time.

So that was my trip. Minus the sleeping all the way home, or trying, amidst the million phone calls Woody had to make. But I did get to see them. Something to cross off of my Bucket List, for sure.

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