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Friday, March 18, 2011

Take it off!!!

{I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I have lesions in my spine. MS damage to the spine is something that causes unpredictable pain, tremors, numbness, stiffness, etc. etc. It's considered fairly debilitating because generally, there's very little they can do to treat them.}

MY BRA HURTS and I can't do anything about it. I tried going for as long as possible without being "obvious" this morning, but then the Schwann's man showed up. Threw on a robe, and I'm sure I looked suspicious---the housewife with a robe on. *Cracking up just thinking about it* So, I braved the pain and put on a bra while trying very hard not to terrify my innocent children with my screaming. And wow, I'm really looking forward to the second the kid's go to bed. I'm going to be walking around topless.

So what exactly hurts? My stomach, and directly in the same spot on my back, with no wrap around. It's like someone punched through me repeatedly, and then left ice on it for waaaaaay too long. Very painful. No bruising, though, so whoever beat me up left no evidence ;) It's been hurting for a week, so why am I gritching about it after so many days? Because worse than the pain, now it itches. Underneath the pain, if that's possible. But it itches and I can't scratch. (This is worse than being in the MRI machine and having that sudden realization you REALLY need to scratch your nose, which happened to me not once but THREE times!)

Good news, though... I'm still alive, I'm still on this side of the green as they say, and I am sticking with my son's grounding. Which is 1000000% deserved and incredibly frustrating for me. They tell me "NO STRESS" but, how the heck as a mom can I avoid that?! I need yoga. Really. Someone save me from myself. I think everyone that knows me knows that I don't easily let things go, that I'm a StressedoutBasketcaseFreak. I'm not just talking about gossip or anything, that is perfectly easy to let go once you have a no-trespassing order in place. Haha. I'm talking about everything else. Kids, money, politics, worries, house, frustrations, school, job, car, kids, house....

As one friend put it: This disease is poetic for me. Because I always internalize my stress and it affects me physically. *laughs*

Off to make paper crowns with the kiddos....

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