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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am in love my pharmacist.

Really. What a great guy... caught that I was losing my mind because of my migraine medicine, genuine concern was laced in his words when I told him about all of the stress I'm under, and he was shocked when I declined to speak with a psychiatrist. He researched what my bruising could be from, and determined I take too much Excedrin. (6-8 pills a day... better than how much Tylenol I'd been taking!) Best of all, he was not impressed with my stubborn need to portray strength.

I just love him. Well, not romantically, but I am incredibly relieved to know that at least once a month I'll receive a check up phone call to visit with me and talk about how I'm doing. (From a MAN, mind you!) It didn't matter how I avoided different topics and points of interest, he found a way to push the buttons, and point out the obvious- all without being a jerk. I don't know what was better, that someone I didn't know actually cared about my well being and wanted me to be my best, so I can feel my best; or that it was a red blooded male that spoke this way to me.

Sad, really. Haha! I don't even remember his name, Matt or Mark or something, but I can see how women would be easily swayed by a man that showed interest. What a sweetheart! Wherever you are tonight, MattMarkEtc, I really appreciate the 32 minutes out of your day to visit with me. And yes, I suppose I will see a counselor... just to release the multitude of stress I endure and can't cope with. And so you don't have to spend most of the phone call begging me to in such a tactfully subtle fashion. Even if I didn't talk about me very much, it was incredibly appreciated that you saw through my veil and avoidance. I didn't think anyone could see through me if I put my mind to it... it's very nice to know I'm not invisible. (And that all men aren't insufferable haters of the weak!)

So, love and other drugs? Hahahaha ;)

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