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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"I forgot my crack refill!"

Those are the very words I uttered to my mother-in-law yesterday, while driving her to my house. I realized in a panic, that I had forgotten to stop and pick it up while I had been in town. I was starting to deaccelerate, quickly, and the crash and burn was going to hurt. I realize I sound like a druggy, and the emphasis is intended. The past month or so has been the worst as far as fatigue goes. I can not function, and there have been days when I can't talk, cry, or even laugh, because I'm about to fall like a tree. (Hello, Easter morning, thanks for kicking my arse!)

I got so tired that I actually puke because of the exhaustion. Have you ever had that happen? What a trip! That has only happened twice, though. And I promptly tucked my kids in for naps, waited until they were snoozing soundly, and took a nap so I could "refresh" some part of my mind. Even if I'll never know what a good night's sleep feels like. *Insert loud, exaggerated sigh.*

To add to this, I'll further the story of my mother in law coming to my house... she was coming because I had a lot of tagging and itemizing to do and my husband had gotten stuck at work and decided she should help me with the kids. Woo. Hoo. A) She gets tired just as easy as I do, B) She's frequently sick, and C) You suck, honey. My kids were so tough on her that I had to take her back home before 7. My kids weren't naughty, persay, but their rooms are such disaster zones that she insisted on them cleaning, and grew frustrated as they increasingly ignored her demands. Welcome back to motherhood! hahaha, she tells me "they have too many toys!" I know this. Stop buying them toys every time you go to the store!!! I haven't bought a toy since three christmases ago! (And that was only because my mothers packages were stolen off of a greyhound bus.)

They have a system. Everything has a place. So why doesn't it get returned? Why does it all get taken out? Perfect visualization of adulthood and being human, I think. {We don't want to wait until after we've neatly cleaned up whatever messes we've made before moving on to the next big thing, we have to have it all now!}

I'm selling toys, lots of them, at this consignment sale this week. Lots of clothes, of course, and some baby equipment things, but I'm selling some toys. I spent a good portion of last night cleaning and bagging some. <3 I'm excited, maybe my house (and their rooms!) will be neater. In the meantime, I've let my laundry room go. So my husband is giving me those wierd looks that say "What the heck!?" Love him, love men, and love that I don't have to explain myself, he just lets it all go because he knows I did what I wanted to, and could do for my family.

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