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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reasons why I love cheap wine.

1. Fruitier. Less wish-ing and more mmm-ing. ;)
2. Easier on my pocket book, so two bottles for the price of one.
3. Less suprises. I hate paying bookoo and finding it tastes like garbage juice.
4. Come on, cheap wine? It's the exact opposite of cheap beer. Tastes better than the pricey stuff, while cheap beer means heartburn, bleching, and a bad hangover even if you just had one...
And one more to add as of last night, making me love it even more:
5. I don't need a cork screw.

Bought a bottle of sangria (yep, premade, haha how cheap is that?) -and a cheap four dollar bottle of it, too. How cheap, exactly? It has a screw top. Which is great for me, because I have zero strenth this week. Zilch! I was mentally prepared to pop the top with a hammer over the sink, haha! It's been a rough week for me, and man did I deserve that glass. Or two. :) And hey, I screwed the top back on and still have some more for relaxation/me time, tomorrow night!

I was so excited when I took the foil off! I had been ready to put a fight up before wielding the hammer, but I couldn't even open a package of koolaid so I wasn't exactly thrilled to attempt use of the corkscrew. And I needed the anxiety release. It was a nice treat, and made my drinking it that much nicer. No struggle to further humiliate and humble me in my week that could potentially be definable as another layer of hell's punishments by Dante.

How hellish, you ask? I cried when I got called to drive shoes to Cheyenne at school because I didn't have the strenth to talk, move, or very nearly breathe. But mom comes before this damned disease, so I drank a lot of coffee and went. Or, my trip to Sam's Club. I couldn't push the cart. I couldn't even lift A BOX OF FRUIT SNACKS. I started to cry not even THREE aisles in this massive store because I was so tired and exuasted, but hey, it's a 20 minute drive that I would not be able to make in who knows how long so I had to get what I came for. So. A manager sent people left and right getting what I needed, and told me to please call in my order next time.

Wow. Never so humbled in my entire life.

I begged someone that works for my husband to send his wife's housekeeper to my house this week.  You know kids. If you don't keep up with them, you're pretty much living in filth. My house is a dumpster. Took three days to use my energy on hanging clothes for a consignment sale in town, and a little of my time helping out. But for me, energy is currency. And picture that wallet Archie always pulled out in the comics, completely empty with flies buzzing around! I broke the bank this week!

Bruises. I look like I was beat up. Repeatedly. All up my arms, down my stomach. Why? Because I'm taking too much Excedrin to handle the massive migraines I've been having. Again, why? I can't take the topomax-it turns me into a drone. Trying to find something that works as well as Excedrin without the asprin to alternate with the Excedrin. LOL in the meantime, I just hope I don't get cut or fall out of range of a hospital. (Joking, really.)

I keep forgetting my medication. As in, nearly every time I need a shot I forget. And have to take it the next night. Worse? I set alarms. And alarms for the alarms. hehehe. Okay, I know that's not good. I know I need to stay on top of it. Shhh. I'm trying to RELAX!

Mmmmm, but those glasses of wine reminded me of all the great things there are on this planet. The stamp mess in my hallway and happy faces drawn on the wall were made by beautiful, loving children, the socks all over the living room were taken off by a man that works hard to provide for me, (and brought me roses yesterday!) and there is a higher power in control of my life. Whom just happened to make His first miracle in physical form transforming water into wine, because it is good!

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